Collection one

_ 2005 _

A collection dominated by basic geometric shapes and industrial materials as a resource. Using corian and stainless steel, it experiments with matt and polished finishing of the pieces. It also combines these unconventional materials with precious stones and oxidized silver with striking results.

Collection two

_ 2006 _

This collection takes inspiration from the braille system. The tactile reading and writing system developed from raised dots, is translated here into stainless steel spheres that are integrated with corian to obtain a singular jewel. In some of the pieces, they create words or phrases and in others, the sphere becomes the central element.

Collection three

_ 2007 _

The embedment of corian into round and eccentric stainless steel shapes constitutes the concept of this collection. Pieces are designed to complement each other perfectly and inspire a personal style to be discovered by experimenting with the combination of their different dimensions and materials. Some of them involve precious stones as well.

3form collection

_ 2008 _


_ 2009 _

This collection, featuring geometry of square and cube as the main character, offers pieces displaying great strength and personality. Manufactured in corian, stainless steel and silver, the pieces from this collection have become a hallmark of the brand´s identity.


_ 2011 _

A collection inspired by the natural aesthetics of the semi-precious stones nestled in the pieces. Materials such as onyx, white jade, marble and quartz become the central characters in a collection where jewels of pure and innovative design highlight their beauty.


_ 2013 _

A collection inspired by the shapes and textures of the old charcoal mine in Zollverein, Germany. The steel beams based architecture, the decadence of the industrial complex, the red oxide covering it all with the passing of time, have been translated into pieces of great singularity and rough beauty manufactured in stainless steel with electrostatic paint.


_ 2015 _

This collection proposes the creation of geometry from the independent production of different layers. Uneven pieces from diverse geometries that unite in a single jewel of unique and futuristic design. Manufactured in stainless steel, some of them attached by silver rivets, the pieces from this collection are a blunt statement of portable design.


_ 2016 _

Art Déco inspired collection. The industrial concept and ornamental patterns typical of the style are reflected in pieces manufactured with stainless steel and brass, some of them with black rhodium plating. Jewels from this collection are produced from a massif, a solid piece where welding or joins are non-existent, transforming it into an attractive and modern accessory.


_ 2017 _

A collection of stainless steel pieces manufactured from two assembled elements resulting in a geometry that is complex and perfect in its finishing. Pieces with great character provide identity to a collection of extraordinary design.


_ 2018 _

A collection inspired by the tilted shapes and chromatic contrasts of the temples and architecture from Japan. Asymmetrical stainless steel pieces that contrast with black or white color highlighting their geometry, comprise a collection in which the Asian aesthetics world is translated with high purity.


_ 2019 _

The ultimate collection, a breakthrough for the brand, incorporates color as the central element for the first time. Drawing inspiration from the dutch neoplasticism movement De Stijl, which advocated for pure abstraction and universality, it reduces to the essentials of form. Sandblasted stainless steel pieces contrasting with diverse chromatic combinations of overlapped acrylic in visual compositions simplified to vertical and horizontal, typical of the artistic style that inspires them.